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Posted on March 7, 2015
Demos have been sent off to Oklahoma. Hopefully, we will get a production schedule for the new CD soon! I decided to go with all new songs that have never been recorded and a few have not even been road tested. I am excited because I have not recorded since my last trip to Oklahoma...


Posted on July 15, 2013
There are always those walking out of a Bob Dylan show grumbling, too bad for them. Last night was a real nice set. The Richard Thompson cover was a treat. Wilco was great. John Lennon's classic Tomorrow Never Knows was worth the price of admission. It's too bad so few still get Dylan. He always fires my imagination. He fired the imagination of Lennon, Hendrix and many others as well. I have been hoping for a set list like the current one that leans toward the more contemporary songs. Thanks Bob!

coffee shops

Posted on June 10, 2013
I added a few coffee shop stops for the summer. Zou Zou's in Chelsea, Cravins in Stockbridge and the Kahuna in Hartland/Howell. I have some more to news to post so stay tuned...


Posted on February 4, 2013
So many good things about the gig saturday night in Freemont. Great friends, kind people, a great audience, sold out crowd. I was fortunate enough to be able to play a brand new guitar built by TW Felty for Dawn. The sound guys knew what they were doing. Theater management was awesome - Thanks Fawn! One of the best things about playing music is when I get to hang around with other musicians backstage. The band The 13th hour and Ralston Bowles were very fun with lots of joking around. Ralston let me play a cherished guitar built by his late father in law and I loaned him a capo which he turned upside down and turned it into a partial. They had pizza and sodas in the green room. I was very nervous, but was able to showcase 'Love Carries On' Songs and I shoiuld have brought more CDs with me. I had a nice conversation with Steve Albert from the Public Radio Station in Blue Lake. He took a CD and hopefully he will give it a spin. So if any of you that were at that gig happen across [...]
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snow days with jeff vail

Posted on January 25, 2013
Snow days always make me think of Jeff Vail. Jeff was the drummer for Rob Tyner’s National Rock Group or NRG as it was known. Jeff was the first drummer in Fred Smith’s Sonic Rendezvous Band until Fred told Rob that he should come see his drummer and Rob stole Jeff away. At the end of his life, Jeff was promoting his Knights of the Grande gigs around Detroit featuring classic acts that played the Grande Ballroom such as SRC, Dick Wagner and Mitch Ryder to name a few. He always wanted to get the group called the Gang together because they were from his part of town and were involved with Ted Nugent in the early days. I met Jeff when I was a brash kid and Rob Tyner was playing the Old Miami on Cass Ave. in Detroit. I strolled up to the band and said “You guys aren’t bad, give me a contract and I’ll work for you. Jeff looked like he was gonna punch me but Rob butted in and said “Give him a job.” I have a million stories that happened after that night [...]
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