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Gil Clark: Blog


Posted on February 4, 2013

So many good things about the gig saturday night in Freemont. Great friends, kind people, a great audience, sold out crowd. I was fortunate enough to be able to play a brand new guitar built by TW Felty for Dawn. The sound guys knew what they were doing. Theater management was awesome - Thanks Fawn! One of the best things about playing music is when I get to hang around with other musicians backstage. The band The 13th hour and Ralston Bowles were very fun with lots of joking around. Ralston let me play a cherished guitar built by his late father in law and I loaned him a capo which he turned upside down and turned it into a partial. They had pizza and sodas in the green room. I was very nervous, but was able to showcase 'Love Carries On' Songs and I shoiuld have brought more CDs with me. I had a nice conversation with Steve Albert from the Public Radio Station in Blue Lake. He took a CD and hopefully he will give it a spin. So if any of you that were at that gig happen across this blog - I thank you for your kindness.