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Gil Clark: Music

Love's On the Way

(Gil Clark)
June 5, 2015
Gil Clark

Love’s On the Way


She was trying to look back, find when the trouble began

She was on the wrong side of town with the wrong kind of man

Stone blind and wasted out in the night

 Now she’s back with the living, looking for the light


She’s on her way back, trying to fing her way

On her way back and love - Love’s on the way


Stumbling along a lonesome road all alone

He didn’t know when he would find his way home

He’s been too far out over that line

By grace and mercy he got one more time


To find his way back, he’s on his way

Finding his way back – and love –Love’s on the way


The days are gone of the needles and spoons

The pipes and the bottles and the gas filled balloons

They can’t believe that they’re standing today

When so many others have faded away

Janis and Jimi and those others that’s gone

Were killed by a madness that cuts short a song


They’re  finding their way back, they’re on the way

Finding the way back – and love –Love’s on the way