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Gil Clark: Music

Fearless Heart

(Gil Clark)
February 27, 2017
Gil Clark

Fearless Heart

When you were young you didn’t look back 

You had a fearless heart that had never been cracked

When you were born, you were born to sing 

And you had a song, about everything

And everyone how they loved to hear

Every note you sang in your voice so clear

with your fearless heart beating perfect time

with every word  and every rhyme

Now this old world it’ll push you round

scream so loud you can’t hear the sound 

of the fearless heart and that was vorn to sing

This old world is full of so many things 

That people get lost and people they cry

time runs out and wells run dry

but the fearless heart  that was born to sing 

keeps this world from it’s suffering

Now your fearless heart it got some cracks

it got broken in two as a matter of fact

but the holes and cracks are how the songs get in 

and this broken world needs your song again

Cause a worn out world needs a brand new song

about the ways of love and when it all goes wrong

because love it’s a beautiful thing

like a fearless heart that was born to sing

Kind men preach recovery  and the lowliest man, he needs dignity

but the fearless heart with its melody to all mankind is a mystery

you got a fearless heart and you were born to sing

and this frightened world needs the hope it brings

so take your fearless heart and don’t never look back

and let your song fill up the cracks

you got a fearless heart and you were born to sing 

so give us one more song to keep the world turning