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Gil Clark: Music

A Little Bit More

(Gil Clark)
July 21, 2017
Gil Clark

A Little Bit More

I've seen it before

so it ain't like it's the first time

I get a little bored

Waitin round for your next line
Now your knockin on my door

Fallin all over my floor       

I guess you needed a little bit more     


The pleasures you've known girl

they're all wrapped up in pain

searching for the sunshine

wind up crying in the rain 

 I see it starting to pour

you’re caught out in that storm

 cause you you needed a little bit more


It's never enough

too many or too much

Everybody needs a little crutch

What’s yours is now mine

aint hard when you find

just what you traded it for

 A little bit more


 You’re running around
and you ain’t getting any younger
You got the craving

Can’t cure that cold hunger                   

l know your hurting and you’re  sore  

you can't even get up off the floor

What you need is a little bit more