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Gil Clark: Merchandise

Love's on the Way - CD

8 original songs recorded at the TMG studios in May 2015. Produced by Don Johnson.

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Love Carries On - Compact Disc

Includes eight songs recorded at TMG studios in Mustang, Oklahoma in November 2010. Produced by Don Johnson Credits: Don Johnson Producer/Keyboards; Mike Myers - Bass; Terry Scarberry -Guitars; Steve Short - Drums Travis Loafman Recording Engineer Photography by Anna Lee/graphics by Marianne McShane.

Track Listing: 1. Angel Fallen to the Ground 2. You Know I Do 3. Love Carries On 4. So Long 5. Circles and Lines 6. Everything Changes 7. The Kind of a Woman 8. I’d Do Anything


Tate Music Group
Available direct from the record label before the national release date of April 5, 2011

Thanks for the Ride - CD

Released May 5, 2010. Recorded with Jim Roll at Backseat Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Features Mike Gentry-drums, guitars; Jesse Morgan - Piano; Jim Roll - drums, percussion, electric guitar, fiddle; Gil Clark - acoustic guitar, bass, organ and vocals. 13 original songs.

Track Listing 1. Opposing Forces 2. My Only Love 3. I Do 4. Thanks for the Ride. 5. Everyday 6. Morning Song 7. Everything to Me 8. Come Back Kid 9. Nobody Loves Her 10.One More Day 11.Too Much Fun 12.By the Light of the Moon 13.Bozo On the Bus


Gil Clark - Thanks For the Ride

Gil Clark: Thanks For the Ride
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Thanks for the Ride Tee - Tee-shirt

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Awesome quality shirt under armor style $20.00 available through this website or come to a gig!

Still Around - CD

Fourth studio album released in 2009. Produced by Gil Clark. Mixes by Mike Gentry. 12 original songs. Track Listing 1. Get Through to You 2. We'll Meet Again 3. Circles and Lines 4. I'll Still be Around 5. Spirit Song 6. Trying to Get Over You 7. I'd Do Anything 8. It's Time 9. Give it to You 10. Watching People Go By 11. Everything Changes 12. I'm Gonna Run

     From the liner notes: We called the studio the Gilzone. It had mountains of guitars, CDs, LPs, songbooks and every important music movie ever made. Wires were everywhere. Mike Gentry was my main accomplice. He drummed on my tunes, mixed, co-authored I’d Do Anything, and much more. The Falls was born in the Gilzone and evolved into Shining Farmer with Mike at the Helm. Still Around is a remnant, a relic from our time there. I’m not an abstract writer; my life is in here - love & death, addiction & divorce. Many people who passed through wound up on this CD. Without being too specific here are some of the musicians - Amy Morgan - Piano, Ted Ribbons- Drums, The Gil Clark Debacle which consisted of Jim Bridgewater on bass and Pat Cummings on drums, Patrick Wise, Brian Shockey, John Gippart, Johnny Maxwell, Dennis Thomson, Dave Gilbert, Bobby Sheer, Dale Beddingfield, Herb Westwood, Brandon Girard, Greg Beck, John O’Connor, Larry Atkins, Andy Morris, Dave King, Fred the sax player, Jessie Mason. The spirits of Sara Dwan, Jeff Vail and Rob Tyner are never far away.


Gil Clark: Still Around

Gil Clark - Still Around

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Ridin' On - CD

1999 release recorded in Nashville with an all-star line-up assembled by legendary Motown bassist Bob Babbitt. Jimmy Clark -lap steel guitar, fiddle, mandolin and 4 string electric guitar; Bill Kelly - guitars; Mike Schrimpf - keyboards, harmonica; Tim Smith - drums; Kim Morrison and Vickie Carrico - Background vocals. Engineered and mixed by Bob Kruzen at Studio X Nashville, Tennessee. Recorded June 27-28 and July 8-11, 1999. Mastered by Chris Milfred at Chelsea Music.  12 originals songs.

 Track List 1. All Night Radio 2. Ridin' On 3. Friend of Mine 4. Chidren Then 5. Easy Love 6. Closer 7. Peace of Mind 8. Inside Job 9. All Right 10. Smile 11. Comin' on Thru 12. The Sun is Shining


Gil Clark: Ridin

Gil Clark - Ridin' On

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Folkster - CD

Second studio album partially recorded at Superior Sound in Ann Arbor and partially recorded elsewhere. A spotty effort at best.  Cover photography by John O'Connor. A few notable cuts - extremely rare cassette only release from 1987. Available as CDR.

Track Listing: 1. Record Song 2. Folkster 3. It's All in Your Hands 4. Borrowed Time 5. Kind of a Woman 6. Slutdog 7. Saturday Mornin' Blues 8. I'll Never Know 9. You've Been Down 10. Plug in the Jug 11. Blue-eyed Boy Blues 12. Nightmare Contact Gil to purchase.

Folkster cover

Singin Songs - CD

Gil's first album recorded at Superior Sound with Lindsay Tomasic in Ann Arbor, Michigan 1986. 12 original songs.

Track Listing 1. Long Way Gone 2. Afterglow 3. On the Run 4. Do You Remember? 5. Long Hard Road 6. Baby Don't Cry 7. Aquarian Woman 8. Standin' All Alone 9. One More 10. Song For You 11. Singin' Songs 12. Family Song

Singin Songs cover

Also available in 12" vinyl with black sleeve and cassette tape

Gil Clark - Singin' Songs

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Live at the Rhythm Room - cassette

Track List: 1. The Record Song 2. Do You Remember? 3. Smile 4. Long Way Gone 5. Ridin' On 6. Borrowed Time 7. Comin' On Thru 8. Friend of Mine 9. Aquarian Woman 10. Song For You 11. Standin' All Alone 12. Will the Circle be Unbroken

 Live recording from early nineties club gig. The Rhythm Room was in Hamtramck and owned by fellow Petoskey-stoner Shawn Friend. Shawn was about as big around as she was tall, cock-eyed as hell and she could sing like an angel. She loved Bonnie Raitt and I would play Angel From Montgomery and she would sing from behind the bar. My friend Patrick Wise hooked me up with this gig and I played there on Sundays until I showed up one night and the place was closed down. Motown piano player Joe Hunter also played there one night a week. My friend Dave Smith hooked me up with an excellent sound system for the room. Shawn said "What do you think this is, Cobo Hall or something?" The Rhythm Room was made completely of rotting wood - the tables, chairs, bar, floor, walls, ceiling - the whole shot and the sound was great. I used to sit behind the grand piano and play my guitar. On breaks I would tend bar. The gig was not good for my marriage. Bar owner Shawn Friend has since passed away. Patrick Wise has found a new, beautiful life. We culled the original songs from the DAT tapes to make the live album. I played a lot of cover tunes at the Rhythm Room including Goodnight Irene, Prine songs, Townes tunes and others. There was a beautiful, black girl that would come in and sit at the end of the bar and sing little wing while I strummed the chord progression.


gil's website
I still have cassettes that I sell at live gigs and through mail order.

The Record Song bw/ Long Way Gone - 45 RPM

45 release that featured a song from second album Folkster aka "The Record Song" featuring Rob Tyner on harmonica. Backed with Long Way Gone from first album Singin' Songs. Complete with picture sleeve. Extremely rare limited edition. Available through website only. Price is $5.00


Gil's website

Friend of Mine - Sheet Music

All Night Radio - Sheet Music

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Ridin' On - Sheet Music

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Whitehead Recordings Tee-shirt - Tee-shirt

Classic logo designed by Rob Tyner. Available on a gray shirt in sizes S,M,L,XL.  Price = $10.00. Contact Gil to order.


Children Then - Sheet Music

Closer - Sheet Music

Easy Love - Sheet Music

Opposing Forces - Sheet Music

My Only Love - Sheet Music

Morning Song - Sheet Music

Thanks for the Ride - Sheet Music

Everyday - Sheet Music

Thanks for the Ride Songbook - Songbook

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thankssongbook62810.pdf" target="_blank">Thanks for the Ride Songbook

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Thanks for the Ride - video

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Love's on the Way - Sheet Music